Join us in Rome!

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce that registrations to the next Federal Committee meeting are open. The Federal Committee will take place in Rome, from Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 November 2019.

The Federal Committee meeting will be preceded by a public event organised together with the Movimento Federalista Europeo (MFE), and The Spinelli Group, in the late afternoon of Friday 22 November, to which you are invited to participate.Both the draft agenda of the Federal Committee meeting and the program of the public event will be available in September.Meanwhile, we invite you to register and book your flights and accommodation as soon as possible.

The FC meeting is open to members and observers. Please register and transfer the participation contribution as soon as possible and, in any case, by Friday 25 October 2019. You can register to the Federal Committee meeting by following this link.

Deadline for proposals for resolutions will be communicated after the Bureau meeting on 14 September. 
Meanwhile, we encourage the chairs of the Political Commission and FC members intending to submit a draft resolution, to share ideas and drafts well in advance of the official deadline on the FC email and take into account comments received from other FC members when submitting an official draft. Collective preparation will facilitate discussions and finalisation of documents at the meeting itself.

The contribution to attend the Federal Committee meeting is 50€. A reduced contribution of 25€ applies to students, job seekers, and participants under 25.
The contribution is waived for local, Rome-based participants.
The participation contribution covers:
– Dinner on Saturday,
– Venue Costs
Please indicate, at the time of registration, whether you will participate to the dinner on Saturday evening.
FC members and observers should arrange for their own accommodation at their own cost.

No travel reimbursement is available for this meeting.
We kindly encourage you to book your flights and accommodation as soon as possible to avoid costs higher than expected.

Should you have any further questions please get in touch with the European Secretariat or UEF Belgium here.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

Interview avec Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Président du Comité européen des régions

« L’Europe, cela se décide non seulement dans le triangle des Bermudes entre la Commission, le Conseil des Ministres et le Parlement. L’Europe se décide également en dialogue direct avec les citoyennes et les citoyens. »

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Président du Comité européen des régions, parle de comme renforcer la démocratie européenne.

International Seminar of Ventotene 2019

From the Monetary Union to the United States of Europe

Ventotene, Italy September 1-6, 2019

The “Altiero Spinelli” Institute for Federalist Studies has been organizing an international seminar on the island of Ventotene for the past 36 years. This island off the Italian coast is the place where Altiero Spinelli, author of the Federalist Ventotene Manifesto, was imprisoned during the Second World War. Each year, young federalists gather here to discuss federalist ideas on European and global issues with leading experts from the European and World Federalist Movement. The seminar is a unique and intensive experience on Federalist studies.

Main topics of the International seminar 2019

  • Human Rights and Peace
  • European Union and Regional Imbalances
  • European Union and global economy
  • Federalism and federalist organizations

150 participants. 60 hours of training and debates. 30 speakers.
Here we are building the future of Europe!

Download the Call for Application 2019 and apply before May 31st 2019!

Assemblée Générale de l’UEF-Belgique, 22 Juin, Bruxelles


Chers Amis, Chers Membres,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à l’Assemblée Générale (AG) annuelle de notre association qui se tiendra le samedi 22 juin 2019 de 9h30 à 12h30 à la Rue du Trône 62, 1050 Bruxelles (Regione Piemonte – IoSono Bar – entrée par le Clos du Parnasse).

Au-delà des questions statutaires, nous souhaiterions que cette réunion soit aussi un moment de convivialité avec les membres et les sympathisants de l’association ainsi qu’un moment de réflexion politique sur l’Europe et sur l’action des fédéralistes européens.

Nous aurons le plaisir d’accueillir le Président du Comité européen des régions, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, de 9:30 à 10:30 pour un débat politique, et le Président de l’Union des Fédéralistes Européens, Sandro Gozi de 12:00 à 12:30.

En espérant vous voir participer nombreux et nombreuses, merci de confirmer votre présence par courrier électronique (, téléphone ou SMS (+32.0495.53.57.95). En cas d’empêchement, merci d’avance de nous envoyer une procuration de vote par courrier électronique.

Avec nos meilleures salutations,

Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero, Secrétaire général

Michele Ciavarini Azzi, Président

Programme de l’Assemblée Générale du 22 juin 2019

1. Débat politique introduit par M. Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Président du Comité des Régions

2. Approbation des comptes au 31.12.2018 et décharge aux administrateurs (1.1.18-31.12.18)

3. Rapport d’activité du Secrétaire général

4. Rapport politique du Président

5. Présentation des candidatures et élection du nouveau Conseil d’Administration*

6. Conclusions du Président de l’Union des Fédéralistes Européens, Sandro Gozi

7. Divers

European Election Night in Brussels

On Sunday 26 May, the European Parliament in Brussels will host a public open-air event (from 18:00 to midnight) for everyone to share the results of the European elections 2019 and to see what the next 5 years have in store:

🔹Enjoy our open-air stage and find out about the results as they come in at Place du Luxembourg with live jazz from all over Europe.

🔹Join our mini festival of democracy on the Esplanade with debates, live commentary and analysis.

🔹Discover more on the evolution of democracy with special evening tours at the House of European History.

We will be there with the Young European Federalists and the Union of European Federalists to comment the results of elections by connecting UEF and JEF sections and discuss the federalist proposals for the new EP with citizens and politicians present on the Esplanade.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

I Choose Europe

The « I choose Europe » initiative intends to call citizens who believe in the European unity to come out and vote, choose Europe against the European project of the nationalists, to speak up for the Europe they want for the future. The project encourages expression of choice by voting for a Stronger, Democratic, Social and Federal Europe. It also intends to call candidates and policy makers across Europe to rally around a road-map of reforms leading to such a Strong, Democratic Social and Federal Europe that can inspire the trust of the citizens and deliver on their expectations. 

Check out the Belgian candidates to the European Parliament who signed our pledge.

Full list available here.

Read the Manifesto of UEF « For a Federal Europe: Sovereign, Democratic and Social ».