UEF Congress Brussels, November 2023 - Group Photo. In this picture: UEF President - MEP Domènec Ruiz Devesa, Lucian Alexandru Onisei - UEF Belgium


The UEF would like to thank the distinguished guests who took the time to participate in the Congress.
For the greetings: Hans-Gert Pöttering (LINK VIDEO) Former President of the European Parliament (2007-2009), President of the House of European History, Petros Fassoulas Secretary General of the European Movement International, Christelle Savall, President of Young European Federalists and Fernando Iglesias President of the World of Federalist Movement. In particular, we thank  Josep Borrell High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, that have taken a time to follow the works of the first session of the Congress.


Then during the political debate the interventions of Raúl Santiago Fuentes (Representative of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU), and the MEPs Brando Benifei, Rainer WielandAlin MitutaCyrus EngererMercedes BressoPietro Bartolo, and Thijs Reuten and the former European Parliament President Enrique Barón Crespo.

Towards the European elections - 25 November 2023, Brussels

The five co-rapporteurs of the Report for the amendment of the treaties sent a pre-recorded video:

  • Guy Verhofstadt LINK
  • Sven Simon LINK
  • Gabriele Bischoff LINK
  • Daniel Freund LINK
  • Helmut Scholz LINK

The delegates debated the challenges for the future of the European Union and exchanged opinions and ideas on the way forward for the Federalist movement and the European project.

The UEF Secretariat presented its activities for the 2021-2023 period (LINK HERE for report political activities), and Roland Hühn, Treasurer ad interimpresented the financial situation of the association LINK HEREGiulia Rossolillo introduced the statutory changes required to transform the UEF from a Netherlands-based NGO to a Belgian-based Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif (AISBL). These changes were approved by the Congress. You can find the new statutes here (in English and French).
For more information on the change of seat of the UEF, please refer to the web page of the Congress.

The Secretariat hosted a workshop on the UEF strategy for the 2024 European elections. Here the presentation of the workshop (LINK). Due to time constraints, it was decided to postpone the discussions at a later meeting.
Therefore, the UEF invites all the delegates and the representatives of its sections to a meeting on 14 December (link to participate here).

Meena Fernandes, Policy analyst at the European Parliament Research Service, presented the results of the study on the costs of non-Europe. You can find the research paper here and the slide deck here.
Finally, it was announced that an extraordinary Federal Committee meeting (20 January, online) would call for an extraordinary Congress meeting for the Spring 2024 to revise the statutes of the association to draw new rules for the Secretary-General and make it a full-time professional. More information will follow.

Political message by the UEF President, Domènec Ruiz Devesa

UEF President, Domènec Ruiz DevesaDear Federalist friends,

Just a few words from me before I leave you with this communication on the Congress that has just taken place.
First of all, let me thank you for the trust you have shown me by electing me as UEF President. It is an honour for me, as well as a great responsibility, because I am and feel first and foremost a federalist activist, who is currently in the institutions, but who lives the federalist commitment as his own priority, and in this sense also feels the relationship with the UEF.

These two years ahead of us will be important years to consolidate our organisation and find the right financial and administrative balance. They will be even more important politically, because they can be decisive for our Europe in taking the crucial steps towards a federal Union.

Our congress took place just three days after the approval by the European Parliament of the proposal to reform the treaties, the first one since the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon in 2007, the first attempt at reforming the treaty in more than 15 years. We know the process that made it possible to arrive at this vote, through the Conference on the Future of Europe in which we participated directly; and we also know that it is a great opportunity, the only one today, and the first after 40 years since Altiero Spinelli’s Draft Treaty, to realise the federal Europe.

Today, therefore, while we are committed to building a broad and widespread campaign in view of the European elections, we urgently need to mobilise ourselves for the success of the next step, i.e. the decision of the European Council in favour of launching a Convention to elaborate the reform of the Treaties. We have urged the Spanish Presidency to immediately transmit the European Parliament resolution to the European Council and asked to President Charles Michel to put it in the agenda of the European Council of the 15th of December, although resistance from national governments will probably force a postponement. Here it is very important the role of the national sections to involve their national parliaments and urge the governments to be in favour of the opening of the Convention. The letter signed by me as UEF President and Sandro Gozi as Chair of the Spinelli Group has just been sent (LINK), together with the Manifesto we approved in our Congress; and here (LINK) you can find a draft resolution to propose to your national parliaments, to launch the mobilization.

We have a very important job to do. I thank you once more very much for all your work, commitment and dedication in federalism. I am convinced that we will work together with confidence and commitment over the next two years, and that together we can make a positive difference in order to meet the challenge of federal Europe. And since it’s a long process, by definition the best has always yet to come.

Result of the Elections

All bodies of the UEF found their members, all elected unanimously in an open ballot. Congratulations to newly elected and returning members of the following bodies:

  • Executive Bureau
    • President: Domènec Ruiz Devesa
    • Vice-Presidents: Markus Ferber, Alin Mituta, Giulia Rossilollo
    • Treasurer ad interim: Roland Hûhn
    • Secretary-General ad interim: Luisa Trumellini
    • Other EB members: Antonio Argenziano, Rafael Bez, François Leray, Daphne Gogou, François Mennerat, Eszter Nagy, Alejandro Peinado Garcia, and Wolfgang Wettach.
    • ex-officio member of the EB: Christelle Savall, President of the Young European Federalists
  • For the Arbitration Board:  Ugo Ferruta, Daniel Frey, Marianne Huhn, Andreu Iranzo Navarro, Peter Osten, Stefano Spoltore, Daniela White.
  • For the Federal Committee:
    • Directly-elected Federal Committee members: Matilde Ceron, Aldecoa Francisco, Nikos Giannis, Angel Landabaso, Eva Lichtenberger, Jean Marsia, Hervè Moritz, Olalla Pastor del Valle, Luis Miguel Periza, Kati Sista, Flavia Gabriela Sandu
    • Nominated members, the list is in the process of being completed LINK

Source: https://federalists.eu/report-of-the-xxviii-uef-european-congress-brussels-25-26-november-2023/ 

1st Saturday for Europe

First ‘Saturday for Europe’

First ‘Saturday for Europe’ organized by the Belgian section of the Union of European Federalists (UEF.be) on 18 November 2023 in front of the House of European History.

Beautiful to see the youth campaigning for a European Federation!
We also strongly recommend to visit the House of European History in Parc Léopold in Brussels.

Assemblée Générale de l’UEF-Belgique, 16 mai 2023

Union des Fédéralistes Européens – Belgique

                                                                                                 Bruxelles, 16 mai 2023

Convocation à l’Assemblée Générale de l’UEF-Belgique

Chers Amis, Chers Membres, 

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à l’Assemblée Générale (AG) annuelle de notre association qui se tiendra le samedi 17 juin 2023 de 10h00 à 11h30.

Notre AG se tiendra de façon virtuelle au lien Zoom.


Au-delà des questions statutaires, nous souhaiterions que cette réunion soit aussi un moment de réflexion politique. Nous avons invité à cet effet Daniel Gros de l’Institute for European Policymaking de l’Université Bocconi et ancien Directeur du CEPS.

En espérant vous voir participer nombreux et nombreuses, merci de confirmer votre présence par courrier électronique, téléphone, SMS ou WhatsApp (domenico.rossetti.dv@gmail.com ou au 0460.76.01.84). En cas d’empêchement, merci d’avance de nous envoyer une procuration.

Avec nos meilleures salutations,

Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero                                   Michele Ciavarini Azzi

Secrétaire général                                                           Président


Programme de l’Assemblée Générale du 17 juin 2023

1.     Approbation des comptes au 31.12.2022 et décharge aux administrateurs (1.1.2022-31.12.2022)

2.     Rapport d’activité du Secrétaire général

3.     Rapport politique du Président

4.     Présentation des candidatures et élection du nouveau Conseil d’Administration* 

5.     Débat avec Daniel Gros (tbc) 

6.     Divers

* Les candidatures (postes à pourvoir : président, vice-président, administrateur délégué, secrétaire général, trésorier, responsable communication) doivent être adressées au Président, M. Ciavarini Azzi, par courriel à Michele.Ciavarini-Azzi@ec.europa.eu) impérativement au plus tard le 10 juin 2023. Tous les membres en ordre de cotisation ont un droit de vote. Un membre absent peut se faire représenter en donnant une procuration de vote à un représentant. 

Avant-première du film Spaak, 5/12/2022

Salle comble ce lundi soir 5 décembre 2022 pour l’avant-première du film ‘Spaak’ aux Galeries à Bruxelles avec de formidables souvenirs des débuts de l’épopée européenne. 

Les 200 participants à cette projection de l’Union des Fédéralistes Européens ont pu se rappeler que Paul-Henri Spaak a notamment été le premier président de l’assemblée de la CECA, l’ancêtre du Parlement européen qui fête en 2022 ses 70 ans d’existence. Spaak a aussi été le moteur de la ‘relance de Messine’ de 1955 et il signera pour la Belgique les Traités CEE et Euratom aux côtes du Comte Jean-Charles Snoy. P.H. Spaak sera aussi président du Mouvement européen et pilier du ‘Comité d’action pour les États-Unis d’Europe’, idée promue aujourd’hui par les Fédéralistes européens et le Groupe Spinelli.

Après la projection, lors du débat animé par Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero, Secrétaire général de l’UEF.be, le  public a pu écouter un témoignage personnel du Comte Etienne Davignon, ancien Chef de Cabinet de Spaak et Vice-président de la Commission. Le Prof. Bernard Snoy a quant à lui évoqué de façon poignante la vision de l’Europe de son père qui avait co-signé pour la Belgique les Traités de Rome (CEE et Euratom) le 25 mars 1957.

Merci à Willy Perelsztejn d’avoir écrit ce film et à Hugues Lanneau de l’avoir si bien réalisé. Le film ‘Spaak’ sera diffusé sur La Une (RTBF) ce vendredi 9 décembre 2022 à 22h40.


un film de Huges Lanneau

en présence d’Etienne Davignon

Chers amis,

L’Union des Fédéralistes Européens est heureuse de vous inviter à l’avant-première du film ‘Spaak’ qui retrace la vie d’un des Pères fondateurs de l’Europe.

Paul-Henri Spaak a notamment été le premier président de l’assemblée de la CECA, le moteur de la ‘relance de Messine’ et il signera pour la Belgique les Traités CEE et Euratom. Il sera aussi président du Mouvement européen et pilier du ‘Comité d’action pour les États-Unis d’Europe’, idée promue aujourd’hui par les Fédéralistes européens et le Groupe Spinelli.

La projection aura lieu le lundi 5 décembre à 21h00 au Cinéma des Galeries à Bruxelles (détails ci-joints).

Etienne Davignon, ancien Chef de Cabinet de Spaak et ancien vice-président de la Commission, apportera son témoignage personnel et répondra aux questions du public.

Si vous souhaitez participer à cette avant-première, merci d’envoyer un email de confirmation avec votre nom et téléphone à domenico.rossetti.dv@gmail.com.


Save the date: Brussels, 15/9/2022 (soirée): D. Rossetti di Valdalbero,”L’Europe fédérale, cette utopie vivante”

Chers amis fédéralistes européens,

Je suis heureux de vous faire savoir que mon livre « L’Europe fédérale, cette utopie vivante » vient d’être publié chez l’Harmattan.

Le livre est structuré en quatre chapitres:

–          La maison Europe – Institutions et modèles ;

–          La vocation fédérale de l’Europe – Concepts et réalités ;

–          L’union de l’Europe – Racines et valeurs communes ;

–          Un idéal pour l’Europe – Pour un élan spirituel.

Les deux premiers chapitres sont plus institutionnels alors que les deux derniers traitent de questions (trop) rarement débattues dans les cercles européens et susceptibles de vous intéresser: les valeurs européennes, les symboles, les racines, les identités dans l’UE.

Je présenterai mon livre en soirée le 15 septembre à Bruxelles dans le quartier européen. Merci de bloquer vos agendas ! Je ne manquerai pas de vous envoyer bientôt les détails du programme, du lieu et de l’heure.

Bien amicalement,


D. Rossetti di Valdalbero

Tél: +32 (0)460 76 01 84

📅 Invitation: Panel debate on Rule of Law, the Czech Presidency, and the CoFoE on Thursday 11 August in Budapest


Czech EU presidency: managing Rule of Law and following-up with the CoFoE
UEF and JEF Hungary’s panel debate at the Sziget Festival in Budapest

11 August 2022 | 5.00 p.m. (CET)
Hajógyári Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

Dear federalist friends,

At the occasion of the Sziget Festival in Budapest from 10 to 15 August 2022, the Union of European Federalists (UEF) Hungary, the Young European Federalists (JEF) Hungary, and the UEF are proud to organise a Panel debate on the Czech EU presidency, the CoFoE, and Rule of Law

Distinguished speakers include:

  • H.E. Ambassador Tibor Bial, Czech Ambassador to Hungary,
  • Daniel Freund MEP, President of the Spinelli Group,

The debate will be moderated by Eszter Nagy, President of the UEF Hungary.

The event will take place on Thursday 11 August 2022 at 5.00 p.m. at the Civil Island section of the Sziget Festival, in Budapest.

Only participants to the Sziget Festival will be able to attend physically at the Civil Island. You can view the event online via the UEF Hungary’s Facebook page.

The debate on UEF Hugary’s Facebook page

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards,

Anna Echterhoff
Secretary-General of the UEF

EVENT – FEDERALISM IN EUROPE AND IN THE WORLD From Monetary Union to the United States of Europe

FEDERALISM IN EUROPE AND IN THE WORLD (The seminar will be held in English)From Monetary Union to the United States of Europe – (istitutospinelli.it)

Ventotene, Italy, 28 August – 02 September 2022

The “Altiero Spinelli” Institute of Federalist Studies has been organizing an international seminar on the island of Ventotene for 38 years. This island off the Italian coast is the place where Altiero Spinelli, author of the Federalist Manifesto of Ventotene, was imprisoned during the Second World War. Every year, young federalists gather here to discuss federalist ideas on European and global issues with the leading experts of the European and World Federalist Movement. The seminar is a unique and intense experience on federalist studies.

Main topics of the 2022 International Seminar

Human rights and peace
European Union and regional imbalances
European Union and global economy
Federalism and federalist organizations

30 participants, 60 hours of training and debates, 30 speakers.
Here we are building the future of Europe!

Call for Application 2022 and apply by June 20, 2022!


To apply, fill in the procedure shown in the following link:


EESC Civil Society Days “A green social market economy for the Future of Europe” 16.03



Dear federalist friends,

In the aftermath of the pandemic, Europe is facing unexpected and pressing challenges. With the Conference on the Future of Europe, close to the final stages of its work to address these challenges, the 2022 hybrid edition of Civil Society Days will explore how Europe can become more resilient through a just transition; one that will benefit people and the environment and, at the same time, increase European prosperity. If you have not registered yet, join online the discussions with different speakers and take part in our seven workshops to explore challenges of a fit-for-future economy, which creates shared prosperity and the key role of civil society in this endeavour. 

As you know already, this year the UEF will organize, together with Social Economy Europe (SEE), in cooperation with the EESC Section for Economic and Monetary, Economic and Social Cohesion (ECO), and the Consultative Committee on Industrial Change (CCMI), the workshop n.6 “A green social market economy for the Future of Europe“.

Your participation and input are welcome!

Please find the draft agenda here.

Register here by 10 March.

Take a minute to watch the teaser video here and feel free to share this invitation with your network!

Best regards,

Secretary General UEF

EVENT – The Ventotene Manifesto: A New Take For a Federal Europe 02.03


The Ventotene Manifesto: A New Take For a Federal Europe
Wednesday, 2 March 2022 19h – 21h

Dear federalists friends,

We are pleased to invite you to the event “The Ventotene Manifesto: A New Take For a Federal Europe”  that will take place on Wednesday 2 March 2022 at 19:00 – 21:00h in Brussels and remotely. Find the event programme below:

Please, register here if you are willing to participate. We kindly remind you to indicate whether you will join physically or online.  

Looking forward to the discussion!

With federalist regards,

UEF Vice-President