EVENT – FEDERALISM IN EUROPE AND IN THE WORLD From Monetary Union to the United States of Europe

FEDERALISM IN EUROPE AND IN THE WORLD (The seminar will be held in English)From Monetary Union to the United States of Europe – (istitutospinelli.it)

Ventotene, Italy, 28 August – 02 September 2022

The “Altiero Spinelli” Institute of Federalist Studies has been organizing an international seminar on the island of Ventotene for 38 years. This island off the Italian coast is the place where Altiero Spinelli, author of the Federalist Manifesto of Ventotene, was imprisoned during the Second World War. Every year, young federalists gather here to discuss federalist ideas on European and global issues with the leading experts of the European and World Federalist Movement. The seminar is a unique and intense experience on federalist studies.

Main topics of the 2022 International Seminar

Human rights and peace
European Union and regional imbalances
European Union and global economy
Federalism and federalist organizations

30 participants, 60 hours of training and debates, 30 speakers.
Here we are building the future of Europe!

Call for Application 2022 and apply by June 20, 2022!


To apply, fill in the procedure shown in the following link: