It is time to make federalist voices heard!


Brussels, 8 February 2022

Dear federalist friends,

About to conclude, the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) enters its hot political phase. 

Three interim reports on the multilingual digital platform have been prepared so far, since the Platform kicked off in April 2021, and have fed into the work of the European and national Citizens’ Panels and the Conference Plenaries.

Only contributions made on the platform by  20 February  will be taken into account in the report which will be published  on 17 March.

We must make sure federalist voices are heard, and the time to act is now. We kindly ask you to boost our efforts to raise awareness about this positive momentum, with a view to engage citizens directly, and to gain wider support for our ideas, projects, and proposals.

We therefore, invite you to refer to our ideas published on the Conference platform, that you can support and disseminate:

We must now take advantage of the Conference on the Future of Europe to move forward a more sovereign, democratic and stronger EU. As stated in the last line of the Ventotene Manifesto, the road won’t be easy, but we must strive to develop Spinelli’s ideas.

Find here a handbook on the CoFoE Multilingual Digital Platform. 

In addition to that, if you wish to upload – last minute – your own positions or events and if you need support, please let us know!

The contact person in the UEF Secretariat is Mariona Espín Onieva (

Yours faithfully,

UEF Secretary General