Superpower Europe, the revolution of the EU

by prof.  Marc De Vos (UGhent) – Publisher: Ertsberg, 2023.

A short summary made by Robert Verschooten, political advisor to the Union of European Federalists (UEF-Belgium) – 12/2/2024.


Book’s resumé and convergence with UEF views

I read this book with great interest and have summarized it below. The book is richly illustrated with examples that support the reasoning, but did not get a place in this resumé. The author follows a consistent federal reasoning. Three relevant lines of tension are clearly and comprehensively explained. The logic of that reasoning is complementary to’s reasoning. Points of difference and similarity are indicated below.

The author is an example of an elite that is able to spread this logic widely and convincingly. That elite of editorialists should be actively sought out and preferably involved in UEF action (Belgium and fellow travellers). To my knowledge, this book is only available in Dutch. This book, because of its three original and innovative theses, would best also be available in English in order to give it international recognition.  I will enquire and I would personally label this book as a ‘must read’.

Points of difference and convergence between prof. De Vos’ reasoning and’ reasoning:

De Vos reasoning and main themes:

  • Three lines in the European Union can be acknowledged. The EU is becoming a closed geostrategical project instead of an open country; a superpower project instead of a post-modern peace project; a State project instead of a free-market one.
  • End goal: a (renewed) democratic, legitimized and federal state with a superpower strategy

with institutionalized rules of functioning.

  • For enlargement with very diverse candidates, he promotes gradual integration.

reverts to concentric circles. reasoning and main themes:

  • EU legitimized by a federal constitution (European Parliament mandated to formulate it).
  • Goal: renewed democracy and legitimacy with citizen participation.
  • Means: federalism as a governance system.
  • promotes a two-speed integration with different political ambitions.
  • A system to formulate the objectives of a renewed federal union.

Extracts (translated in English from the Dutch version of the book by Robert Verschooten)

The world order has tilted, so has the mission and position of the European Union. (…) In this book I document a real revolution of the European Union. We witness, in real time, but largely unnoticed in public opinion, the European Union is undergoing a historic transformation. (p.14)

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